Global OTC Liquidity & Blockchain Fintech

Since 2010 our trading and development team has been involved with the growing arena of blockchain technology. Riding the ebb and flow of the cryptocurrency market, we're accustomed to your high liquidity needs when placing orders in and out of the market.

Connecting High Levels Of Liquidity To Buyers And Sellers

Our liquidity pools are adequate for all order amounts. We specialise in orders $100,000 USD and above globally.


World Wide facilitation

Millions of dollars of digital currencies have been transacted through our gateways



Buying/Selling at the right time to suit your needs is crucial for maximum gain


High Liquidity Facilitation

Read through our FAQ for more information


We Are Your Mandate

We have facilitated Billion Dollar OTC chains as the mandate

OTC Trade Desk Journey

During the Mt Gox phase we transitioned from traditional markets to the highly volatile crypto markets as our trading strategies became universal and complemented this new market. Rubbing shoulders with the largest institutional owners of cryptocurrencies, our mission is to act as the catalyst for widespread blockchain adoption and progressing innovation through fintech.

Exclusively focused on investing in blockchain technologies and trading them, the OTC trade desk team is experienced in both traditional finance and emergent blockchain technology. OTC Trade Desk envisions Blockchain and Cryptocurrency having an established, responsible lead and regulated role in the global digital economy. Thus giving individuals and institutions a myriad of opportunities for growth in this sector.


The following form is the first stage of the registration process. Our team may follow up with an additional request for information, before determining whether we are able to trade with you.
Terms & Eligibility:
• Minimum order size of $100,000 USD (or equivalent)
• Subject to KYC (know your customer) requirements
• OTC Trade Desk trades BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and a wide range of other digital assets.
• We support crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto transactions.


How do I become an approved counterparty?

We welcome the opportunity to transact with you. In order to get access to the OTC Trade Desk experience, apply online (here). Please take a moment to review the required information you’ll be asked to provide as part of the process. After submitting, you will receive a notification that your application has been received and that an OTC Trade Desk team professional will respond promptly.

How Does trading and settlement work?

As a counterpart of choice, OTC Trade Desk strives to offer a level of personalised service and attention you won't find anywhere else. Once you are approved as a counterpart, we work to make the process fast and seamless - quickly quoting you prices to trade and ensuring your trade is settled as efficiently as possible.

What cryptoassets do you trade?

We Trade upwards of 40 crypto assets, including the list below. Markets are priced in fiat currency or crypto we trade. We also can facilitate crypto-to-crypto transactions.

BTC (Bitcoin)
BCH (Bitcoin Cash)
ETH (Ethereum)
ETC (Etherum Classic)
LTC (Litecoin)
USDT (Tether USD)
XLM (Stellar)
XRP (Ripple)
ZEC (Zcash)

What fiat currencies do you settle in?

OTC Trade Desk trades crypto assets against 11 fiat currencies, in addition to the US dollar. At this time, this option is only available to individuals who reside in the United States and to financial entities.

Our list of available currencies includes:

United States Dollar (USD)
British Pound (GBP)
European Euro (EUR)
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Australian Dollar (AUD)
Swiss Franc (CHF)
Honk Kong Dollar (HKD)
Indian Rupee (INR)
Japanese Yen (JPY)
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Singapore Dollar (SGD)

What is your minimum trade size?

Our current minimum trade size is $50,000 USD or equivalent cryptoasset, per transaction.

Are there any fees when trading?

We calculate a Service fee based on a number of factors such as current crypto market prices, current currency index prices, market liquidity, volatility, and overall position in the market. This is between 2-3% on volume. Corporate rates on deal flow over $10,000,000 USD can be arranged. Enquire at


To learn more about the OTC Trade Desk experience, please contact us today.